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We mainly supply micro hydro generators. We also can supply solar water heaters, solar power system, LED Street lights, other LED Lights, heat pumps, wind turbines. mostly are green energy products.
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Output Voltage(v):220(VC),Output Power(w):100,150,250-350

This kind of Mini-hydroelectric Generator is consisted of an inclined impulse turbine and a set of direct connected AC single phase generater,With the characteristics of small body,light weight,simpl structure,reliable operation and convenient assembly,and serving as the power source of lighting,TVs and recorders,it is most suitable for the households in mountain areas with scattered and small hydroelectric sources.The installation and operation both can be done by the consumers themselves easily,This product has been thoroughly strengthened in the special technical measures to good quality,stable function and easy operation for women and children.Much less investment may add more happiness to your family.

1.KEY Technical Date:

Water Head for installation:8-20,14-25(m)


Output Voltage(v):220(VC),Output Power(w):100,150,250-350

Weight of Unit(kg):18(including valves,joints of pipe)


Please visit our other Hydro web pages for further information on estimating your potential, feasibility studies, abstraction licensing, system design and installation. maintenance.

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Output Voltage(v):220(VC),Output Power(w):100,150,250-350
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Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z
small hydro generator
Single Nozzle XJ14-0.2DCT4-Z
Dual nozzleXJ30-20SCTF4/6-Z
hydro power turbines

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Low Water Head





Medium Water Head







High Water Head

Single Nozzle XJ14-0.3DCT4-Z

Single NozzleXJ18-0.5DCT4-Z


Single NozzleXJ22-1.1DCT4-Z

Dual NozzleXJ22-1.1DCTH4-Z

Single Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCT4-Z

Dual Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCTH4-Z

Single Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCT4-Z

Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z



Single nozzle XJ30-10DCT4-Z

Dual nozzleXJ30-10DCTF4/6-Z

Dual NozzleXJ30-15SCTF4/6-Z

Dual nozzleXJ30-20SCTF4/6-Z

Dual nozzleXJ38-30SCTF4/6-Z

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