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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.):

Thank you for visiting our online shop. Here we are providing the frequently asked questions as well as the answers to assist you. We hope it make clear and informative for you online shopping.

1.Are all of your items in stock?
   All Micro Hydro Turbines on our website are not in stock, they need to be manufactured according to your detailed water head and water flow information.  If someone told you they have stock,  and the models mabye not suitable for your water site and they do not generate as much electricity as you want to get.

2.How much is the shipping cost?
   All of the orders in our store are not free shipping. You need to provide your address, we will calculate the shipping cost for you.  Fast and safe shipment are provided to our customers.

3.How long does the shipping take?
   We will make the items shipment as soon as possible.The delivery may take 3-5 days if we use DHL. 

4.Can you ship to my country?
   We can ship to all the countries around the world.

5.What payment methods we accept?
   We accept PayPal,Western Union and Bank transfer.

6.Will I have to pay any additional taxes or duties?
   No, our prices cover the costs of additional taxes and duties. In the unlikely event you receive any additional import fee, please send through your receipt and we will pay for all charges.

7.How do I cancel the order?
   All the orders placed on our site are available to be cancelled within 8 hours, but if we have already dispatched the order,we cannot guarantee a cancellation, sorry for inconvenience.

8.How do I track my order?
   We usually ship via DHL,EMS,UPS,FedEx and TNT to ensure fast and secure shipping to any destination. After we send out your order and  we will send you the tracking number and tracking links to your registered email address. Simply enter this information into the proper fields and click on the track button.Please contact us via email if you need further tracking assistance.

9. How do I exchange the order?
    If you want to exchange a product, please email us and inform us of the reason. We will then provide you with further instructions and return address. The goods can be exchanged under the circumstances of unused and in the original condition with all the original packaging and labels. When returning an item for an exchange, please ensure that your name, address, phone number and instructions are clearly indicated. You also need to use traceable shipping. If your goods lose on the way, you can trace the shipping company.

10.If there is a problem with the goods I have received, what should I do ?
   If there is any problem with your order, please contact us immediately. Inform us of the problem with your order and we will give you instructions on our return policy.

11.Do you wholesale products from
    If you want to wholesale itemsfrom,please feel free to contact us.

Thanks a lot for your support and attention. If you have any excellent ideas or suggestions, please contact us.

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. Please DO download the Micro Hydro Enquiry Sheet and fufill it, send it to our e-mail, Then, we will quote you much sooner. thank you.
2. Before you send email to us, if you want to buy it, please send us e-mail and note the models and quantity and your company name, delivery address, nearest seaport information. We will send invoice to you for the payment.

3. If you are interested in changing links with us, please check the Hydro Power Eco-friendly Links Page

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Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z
small hydro generator
Single Nozzle XJ14-0.2DCT4-Z
Dual nozzleXJ30-20SCTF4/6-Z
hydro power turbines

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Low Water Head





QS-LZ-12-0.55KW(Submersible Type Turbine)


Medium Water Head







High Water Head

Single Nozzle XJ14-0.3DCT4-Z

Single NozzleXJ18-0.5DCT4-Z


Single NozzleXJ22-1.1DCT4-Z

Dual NozzleXJ22-1.1DCTH4-Z

Single Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCT4-Z

Dual Nozzle XJ25-1.5DCTH4-Z

Single Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCT4-Z

Dual Nozzle XJ25-3.0DCTF4-Z



Single nozzle XJ30-10DCT4-Z

Dual nozzleXJ30-10DCTF4/6-Z

Dual NozzleXJ30-15SCTF4/6-Z

Dual nozzleXJ30-20SCTF4/6-Z

Dual nozzleXJ38-30SCTF4/6-Z

Hydro Power Turbines
Francis Turbine(mixed type)

Kaplan Turbine (propeler)


Tubular Turbine (bulb type)

Pelton Turbine(impulse type)

Turgo(Inclined Jet Turbine)


Synchronous Generator


Control System


Slurry Pump




Efficiency Testing


Manufacturing Machines


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